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What is a settlement?  Simply put, it is the process of transferring a property from one person to another.  Although this may sound simple, the process can be quite involved. Settlement is the important final stage in the sale of a property and mistakes can be costly, time-consuming and stressful.  

As your settlement agent, some of our tasks include:-
  • Searching land titles and checking any restrictions on the use or transfer of the property identified on the title,
  • arranging, where required, for any restrictions on the title to be removed,
  • enquiring with local councils and with government departments about rates, taxes and water consumption to determine details of outstanding amounts, sewer connection and outstanding orders or requisitions,
  • notifying the relevant authorities about the change of ownership,
  • preparing settlement statements, legal documents and forms,
  • following up on performance of conditions on contract of sale,
  • lodgment of contracts and payment of stamp duty with the Office of State Revenue,
  • obtaining payment from clients for all fees, government fees and duty payable,
  • attending settlement to exchange documents and monies to facilitate the legal transfer of property,
  • notifying the relevant authorities when settlement occurs
  • searching Landgate's register to ensure transfer is correctly shown.

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Our team:

Michelle Morgan began working in settlements in 1987 under the guidance and training of Susan Morris.  She studied and trained becoming the manager and later licensee of two busy SOR agencies. Today Michelle is the licensee and owner of MGM Settlements.  This small, but highly efficient company takes pride in delivering friendly, personalised service to our local community of Perth.

Stephanie Allbeury has worked with Michelle for over 20 years and has an extensive knowledge of the settlement process.  Her friendly enthusiasm and willingness to help, learn and work with her clients has proven her a very valuable member of our team.

Our staff have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to safeguard your interests and to guarantee you efficiency and service you can rely on saving you time and any stress that can be associated with buying or selling a home.
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